Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Roma Roma Roma

Finally we left England, flew over these Alps on our Easyjet flight and landed in Rome.
My first impression of Rome, honestly, was that it was hot and dirty. It was almost 40 degrees that day, and everyday after. The train ride from the airport to Termini Roma wasn't exactly beautiful. And dragging our suitcases along the cobbles to the hotel wasn't exactly fun. And the place just generally wasn't clean. You're sweaty, you're tired, you're hot, you're in Rome. Overall Rome was my least favourite Italian city out of the ones we went to. We checked in then went for a walk and had some gelato in front of this church which was less than five minutes away from our hotel.
One of the best things about Rome is that the Gelato is cheap. Very cheap compared to Florence. We followed our map to where this 3D intro to Rome movie was. It took us ages to find and once we watched it mum and I both felt so sick as your seat moved as well. The movie was great but not so much on an empty stomach. We then went walking around and into this museum where Sophie got told by a policeman not to lean on the side of the steps. The inside was a bit boring but the views from the outside were very impressive.
The ruins in Rome are just incredible. I didn't think that there would be so many all in the one spot. After having a quick look at some we found a place to eat. Since we had arrived in Rome Soph and I would never stop singing 'When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that amore' so we were so happy when it came on in the restaurant.
Once we finished lunch we went down for a walk around the Colosseum. Sophie found these facebook 'like' stickers which we thought were really classic. The Colosseum really is as big as you would imagine it to be and as impressive.
Slowly we wandered to where we would begin our night bus tour. Our guide was Vanessa who had this sweet Italian accent when she spoke English, it was so cute. The tour went all around Rome and for the most part it wasn't fully dark yet but more sunset which was really nice. We stopped at the Trevi Fountain which was as packed with tourist as you would imagine.
The tour stopped at Piazza Navona as well which we went back to the next day. It was really beautiful to see Rome at night and with air con. The only downside to the tour was the invasion of Americans which stole our seat at one point too but they were obese so I just felt sorry for them. Then again maybe not... fat philly's. The next day was just as hot and we went inside the Colosseum which was incredibly confusing but amazing at the same time.
Afterwards we got on yet another hop on hop off bus (these buses are awesome I'm telling you) and went back to Piazza Navona. It's really nice here and a little more quiet from the hussle and bussle around the Colosseum. Here I also got to fill up my water bottle at one of the many taps in Rome. The water is drinkable and free! And who doesn't like that on a hot day especially when this water is colder than the ones in the shop!
Next stop if I remember rightly was the Spanish steps. This place was crowded, the shops all had SALDI! written on them meaning it was half year sale time. Mum even brought a nice dress. We climbed the stairs and had a look around then did some shopping.
We waited a very long time for the hop on hop off bus to come pick us up from the stop near the steps. We sat in the blistering sun perfecting our tans and judging all the scooters that went past (Sophie decided that all the scooters with a box on the back were the better ones). I must give the Italian women some deserved appreciation. The way they can wear the clothes they wear on those scooters is very admirable as I my self know how hard it can be to wear that short dress or those heels on a scoot or vespa. That night we just spent inside our room, it was too hot to go out and we really just needed a rest.

The next morning was just as hot as the rest but it was about to get hotter as we had to wear our Catholic Clothes. Meaning something that covered our shoulders and knees. It was Vatican Day. Here I am in my Catholic clothes.
We walked around forever trying to find the meeting place of our Vatican Tour. I really believed that we were going to miss it. I believe that the church part is actually a let down in size, it's a bit small, but the Vatican City is huge when you have to find a meeting point. Even if it's the smallest country in the world. Luckily we found our meeting point and got on the tour in time. Inside was a real 'omg' tour. So much gold, so much wealth, so much art. This place could end world hunger and provide clean water for 3rd world countries with a quarter of its stuff. Unbelievable. The Sistine chapel (not that I'd call it a chapel) was so cool. The painting with the fingers and all is truly worth seeing sadly you can't take photos and the security is big on keeping everyone quiet.

We were able to go into the cathedral after but not too much else as the Pope was doing some business meetings so areas were blocked off. We left afterwards to go straight back to the hotel and change into more summer appropriate clothing. Had lunch, did some laundry, then visited the Pantheon and the Trevi fountain again. That night we just took it easy and walked down to the Colosseum to see it at night and then that was the end of Rome.

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